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is accredited as a testing/certification laboratory

for meteorological instrumentation by the

South African National Accreditation System.

We operate in accordance with 

ISO/IEC Guide 17025.


We specialise in


[Measurement and Control]   Solutions to a wide range of  environmental applications.
[Installation]   Worldwide installation of  instrumentation.

Meteorological equipment and turnkey weather stations imported directly from various countries. 

[Testing and Certification]  

(Calibration) in accordance with ISO/IEC Guide 17025.

[Sales/Service/Repairs]   RM Young, Campbell Scientific, Paroscientific and Remtech inc. meteorological equipment and spares. WeatherQuery  graphical data display. 





3 and 9-meter tripod sensor mounts,  ambient temperature sensors, RF telemetric data logger, Log45 data logger support software.

[Customer support


 After sales service] 

Knowledge base on a wide range of environmental measurement and control applications.



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