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Sentry Visiblity sensor.

The Sentry™ Visibility Sensor measures atmospheric visibility (meteorological optical range) by determining the amount of light scattered by particles (smoke, dust, haze, fog, rain, &  snow) in the air that passes through the sample volume.  Performance in all weather conditions was a design prerequisite for the Sentry™. An integrated, one-piece housing design keeps all cabling internal to the sensor for the ultimate protection against the elements. The sensor housing is made from anodized aluminum and the enclosures are rugged, UV-resistant fiberglass rated to IP66. The windows use continuous duty anti-dew heaters and thermostatically controlled external hood heaters are offered for protection in extreme environments. All power and signal lines to the Sentry™ are protected with surge and EMI filtering to help guarantee uninterrupted service for the life of the sensor. 

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30 m to 16 km (other ranges available)


+/- 10 % RMSE

[Time Constant]   60 sec
[Scatter Angle]  

42 deg nominal

[Source]   850 nm LED

0-10 VDC standard 

0-5 VDC optional

Output Control Board optional with:

4-20 ma, 4-20 ma isolated, control relay,

and/or diagnostic relay

Microprocessor Board with RS-232 optional


AC Version: 100-240 VAC, 14 VA;70 VA w/ Hood Heaters

DC Version: 10-36 VDC, 6 VA;18 VA w/ Hood Heaters


Temperature: -40 to 60 C

Humidity: 0-100%

Protection: IP66 (NEMA-4X)

Manufacturer R.M. Young 

µSMART Lightning Strike Sensor.

The Lightning Strike sensor counts lightning strikes by detecting electrical fields with signal strength greater than the factory set threshold voltage of the sensor. An early warning of impending lightning activity allows sensitive equipment to be isolated from mains power or time to carry out a controlled shut down of a plant or dangerous operation. 

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[Measurement Parameter]  

Electrical field with signal strength exceeding -

>1.0 volt/metre

>0.3 volts/metre

>0.1 volt/metre


LS1 1.0 v/m

LS2 0.3 v/m

LS3 0.1 v/m

[Maximum Count Rate]  

5 strikes per second in pulse output.

100 strikes a second when operating as a µSmart sensor.


Serial Data in ASCII text, or +5 volt pulse, 100-millisecond duration


Power Supply: 5-28 v DC unregulated

Current Drain: 0.1 ma


Temperature: -10 to 50 C

Humidity: 0-100%

Manufacturer Monitor Sensors 


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